sunday wind down

Sunday 6pm, Hagglers Corner

suitable for all levels

A chance to reconnect with the breath, stretch out and set intentions for the week ahead. Float through 75 minutes of gentle movement with a focus on the breath to bring a meditative quality to your practice. We finish with a blissful relaxation enriched with essential oils and sound.

£7 drop in

earth vinyasa

Monday 7pm, Hagglers Corner

suitable for all levels

Channel your inner tortoise with this steady and grounding flow. Build strength and challenge your mind by lingering in poses for a little longer to set the foundations for a stronger practice.

£7 drop in

vinyasa yoga

Tuesday 6pm, B-Fit Hillsborough

suitable for all levels

Straight up all levels vinyasa flow. Balance building strength with space to release and let go.

Classes are held with B Yoga, at B-Fit gym. £8 drop in

fire vinyasa

Wednesday 7pm, Walkley Community Centre.

suitable for all levels

Ignite the fire within! Flow through an energising sequence with an emphasis on the transitions between poses to bring a sense of lightness and ease to your practice. Embrace your sense of play as we explore more challenging postures - super strength and flexibility is not required!

£7 drop in

one to one

Perhaps you’re wanting to begin a home practice, work towards a specific pose or are working with an injury or restriction. Bespoke one to one classes are a beautiful way to dedicate more time to yourself and dive deeper into your practice.


Please arrive 10 minutes before class is due to start to give yourself time to get settled. Classes begin promptly and latecomers cannot be admitted as the door to the studio is locked when class begins.

Mats and props are provided, but if you wish to practice on your own mat you are very welcome to do so.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you are free to move in. It’s nice to have an extra layer to pop on for your final relaxation but this isn’t essential.

It’s advisable to refrain from having a meal for at least two to three before practicing. If you need to eat something, stick to a small snack that is easy to digest.

If you have any injuries or niggles or are pregnant, please let me know before class.

class etiquette

If you need to cancel a booking, please do so as soon as possible to free up the mat space for another student. Classes cancelled less than three hours before class cannot be refunded.

cancellation policy